Activities For The Kids

After checking out the activities below, you may try to pass as a kid. Don’t worry – there’s no age limit.

The Yankee Sportsman’s Classic Staff is dedicated to providing events, attractions and educational activities for our younger generations to enjoy. They are designed and staffed by area experts and volunteers who would like to help pass on the hunting and fishing heritage we all cherish so very much. We encourage you to bring your children, no matter what age, because we know they will love every minute of it!

KOOL 105

Kids Trout Pond:
sponsored by KOOL 105 & Pool World

Vermont Army National Guard

Kids Jousting Arena:
sponsored by Vermont Army National Guard


Pelkey’s Kids Archery Shoot:
sponsored by Pelkey’s Archery

Vermont State Rifle and Pistol Assoc.

The Kids Pellet Gun Shoot:
sponsored by Vermont State Rifle and Pistol Assoc.

Let’s Go Fishing program

Lure Making and Knot Tying:
sponsored by the Let’s Go Fishing program

Boy Scouts of America

Activities & Demonstrations with Green Mountain Council:
sponsored by Boy Scouts of America

The Rainforest Reptile Show

Live Animal Demonstrations:
sponsored by The Rainforest Reptile Show

TBF Federation

Live Hunting Dog Demonstrations:
Dust W German Shorthaired Pointers

Whitetails of North America

Whitetails of North America Collection