Exhibitor Information:

You won’t find a more captive audience of outdoorsmen than in northern Vermont. There are folks in camo at the mall, the grocery store, the gas station… It’s in our blood, 24/7.

Book Your Space Today!

To ensure you are listed in the Show Program please reserve your space by Nov. 30th using the secure online reservation forms or print a copy of the contract and mail or fax it to us. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Booth Type Pricing
Single Booth (10’ x 10’) $525
Corner Booths $600
Single Booth Shared By Two Exhibitors – Add $200
Non-Profit Group ** Booths (10’ x 10’)
Limited Availability
Bulk Space “Blue Pavilion” (20’ x 30’) $1,550
Bulk Space “Miller North” View show layout

Electricity and Equipment Rentals
Equipment rentals are handled during exhibitor check-in at the Expo. Cash, Checks and Credit Cards are accepted.

Prices are for the three-day show:
Electricity: $40
Tables: $10 each
Chairs: $1 each

There is plenty of free parking for exhibitors.

Exhibitor Setup

Setup Hours
Thursday, Jan 16th Friday, Jan 17th
2:00pm to 8:00pm 6:00am to 11:00am

The show floor is on the ground level and you will be able to drive in to unload on Thursday, Jan 17th and we will have staff on hand, ready to help you. If you choose to set up on Friday morning you will not be allowed to drive in.