Thank you to all the outdoor sportsmen and women who contributed your time and talents to create this very important message on Vermont’s outdoor heritage.


Heritage Automotive is proud to present
the latest “More Love” film

HUMAN, NATURE is a deeper look at Vermont’s Outdoor Sporting Community. It could be one of the most significant tools for securing a healthy future for fish and game hunting in Vermont. Heritage’s past projects have taken fundraising & awareness to new, unprecedented heights for the Burlington Boys and Girls Club, Vermont Organ Donation, Rebuild Waterbury, The Three Day Stampede, and the Monkton Volunteer Fire Department.

Human, Nature
Meet the Vermonters who live for the great outdoors; learn about the critical issues facing our Fish and Wildlife community; and get a fascinating look at Vermont’s wild spaces.

Hunt of a Lifetime
Hunt of a Lifetime
See some of the most courageous kids learn from their experiences in the great outdoors. This story represents the unique educational value of nature and it’s true healing power.

Deer Jacking
Deer Jacking
One of the greatest hunting stories, told by one of Vermont’s greatest storytellers. A classic that will make you laugh all the way home.

Cheryl Profile
Heritage Toyota is proud to salute women in the great outdoors. This is a story of discovery, featuring one Heritage customer who is always blazing new trails.